Mount Everest

Guest: Dr. Pasang Yangjee Sherpa, Nepalese Anthropologist, Expert on the Sherpa People and Mount Everest, Pacific Lutheran University 

The peak season for climbing Mount Everest is about to start, and there’s a lot of concern about how safe it will be. Last year, was among the deadliest on record: 11 people died and shocking photos circulated of crowds backed up dangerously near the summit. The government of Nepal has proposed limiting the number of Everest climbing permits it offers and restricting them to people who can prove they have the skills and money to attempt the climb safely. The lucrative climbing industry on Everest could not exist without Sherpas who live and work on the mountain, guiding climbers, carrying supplies. They’re increasingly upset about conditions on the mountain – and their own unfair treatment by the industry.

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